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Are We Missing The Point?

Islamic work can be very draining, with a plethora of ideas and concepts coming up...
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About Me

My interest in the arts began from a young age, experimenting with a variety of media to express and idea instead of recreating a live object has always been my concept of the role of art. With the start of my architecture studies fristly at Liverpool John Moores for my Part 1 and then at Manchester University for my Part 2 BArch, I began to see the role and need for design in a broader sphere. As part of the [Re_Map] 1812 and [Re_Map] ICU artilier I saw and practiced the powerful affect of visualisation upon the succint expression of ideas.

For the past 7 years I have practiced and developed a number of graphical and video projects alongside a series of architectural projects, ranging from logo design, book cover design, typesetting for books and diacritical markings in printed texts for translitterated words, annotating and referencing for religious texts, writing several books on religious subjects; capturing and producing motivational videos for chairties; recording Qur’anic recitations; designing event posters, charity brochures, charity event posters and event tickets and the list may go on.

Engaging in creative design is my passion and merging that with the spreading of an idea or product into the active market is my real joy, having taken and delivered courses on the use of Facebook marketting and practicing this modern tool I have been able to assist in building online communities with a mutual interest.

I take my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, one can never isolate the source of an idea, the creative process is a live process which demands complete alertness and a willingness to respond at any moment, sketching ideas while on the bus or while parked at a shopping store or even while walking down a street. I develop the clients brief to ensure the final delivered design pushes their concept and idea to its limit to ensure it is as pure and vibrant as it can be.

I have also worked on a variety of architectural commissions from Change of Use applications to large extensions and new buildings, I am currently working on the design of a modern Masjid for a design competition in Bolton to see developmental images click here.

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