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Design Philosophy

The theoretical grounding for a design is developed from its physical and social context, responsive and efficient design needs to align with the purpose and function which the building will serve. By undertaking a series of brief specific site analysis tasks I am able to discover the possible shortfalls in the existant brief and able to suggest more efficient responces to the context and programme which will ensure the building is fully utilised. I draw my inspiration for a design from a variety of sources, each being specific to the cleints needs, each design is bespoke and deeply grounded as a responce to the brief leaving no possibility for the final resolution to be transported elsewhere without a considerable aspect of the design being lost.

Reach deep into the intent behind a commission is the source of my design, ensuring the final design is true to its intent both physically responsive to the clients real purpose and theoretically grounded in the essence of why it exists. Too often we see designs which are replicas of popular designs or immitations of common culture, the designs I produce are timeless in both meaning and aesthetic, produced to ensure the client is able to share the artwork without it becoming old fashioned.

Capturing moments of joy, inspiration and intrigue is a tasking yet empowering skill. Throughout my journies to places in Europe and the Middle East I have tried to capture spaces, people and buildings in their moments of humanity. Exposing the essence of something renders it vulnerable to the appetite of the observer, yet it is the key to revealing its true beauty. Having captured community events, interviews, buildings, spaces, artworks and objects I have come to develop a sliver lined thread which unites my approach in graphical visualisations, videography, writing and photography, which is to express timeless true beauty.

The moving object poses an interesting opportunity, a mixtue between the continuously moving still object and the sound of expression render videos a powerul yet challenging media. Merging between video transitions and screen graphics allows for an interplay between the percieved object and the feeling of personality. Where possible I ensure the video tells a story, taking the viewer on a journey through the intent and idea of the commissioner, each video is produced according to the requirements of the brief and clients intentions making each a bespoke production.

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