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01 Jan

The Empty Space

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Throughout human history we have continued to try and fill a space, however this particular space could not be filled with objects because it’s space is not physical. So we then tried to fill the space with occupations, but the space was not free time, so we pondered and contemplated and thought we could fill this space with enjoyment, yet the space was not sadness, after a time past we lost someone dear to us and when they had vanished we realise the space was love.

Love is an amazing feeling, poets and expressions have spent decades attempting to describe what love actually is, yet as deep as any of them have gone they have only ever scratched the surface of one aspect of love.

Yet love is a feeling which one cannot know until it is felt, and after that moment whenever they get that airy feeling inside and the sharp jolt of awareness and longing then they know love is once more in the air.

But what does a 24 year old who spends his day and night reading and discussing topics which only a handful of people care about, know about love?

Well I know just one thing, which is sufficient for all people,

“Love is inherited”
al-Bukhari, al-Adab al-Mufrad

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