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01 Jan

Maintaining Iman

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Living away from home is difficult for any person, and is even more difficult for Muslims who come from close families, the constant feeling of emptiness and loneliness are the most difficult to deal with and can take an entire academic year to adapt too. This feeling is made worse often by faithful people being suurrounded by thos who have no desire or ambition to worship God. The sweet taste of bowing and prostrating for prayer in congregation cannot be under-estimated, for this reason it is important that one realise that they do not have to deal with the social and spiritual problems alone.

Below is a list of tips which I found help greatly in the challenge to keep ones honour, identity, confidence and purpose:

Always return home on the weekend, if you can’t go back one weekend due to work loads then go back the second weekend, we all need a break from the trash we see littering Uni halls (and I dont mean crisp packets either)
Make sure you go early for Jummuah, sit near the front, pray your sunnah before and after the salah, and meet those around you, we would clear up the hall together and then go for food after every Jummuah (around 15-20 of us)
If you have a prayer room then pray your Dhuhr, Asr and Maghrib in there, a quiet space where you can meet other believers and make friends is always a bonus
Try your best to recite one Juz of Qur’an each day, I found the best way to do this was to wake up before Fajr, pray two Rak’ah of Tahajjud or more and then recite Qur’an, once Fajr enters pray the Sunnah and Fard salah for Fajr and then go to sleep
Fill you iPhone/iPod/MP3 player/Car CD player/GS3 with Islamic lectures, its best to pick a series of lectures which discuss one topic, and whenever you go out take it with you, and slowly but surely you will be walking to lecture and learning and re-enforcing your faith each day.
Find out which classes are going on at the Masajid and prayer rooms around where you live, start a tajweed class as it will be long term and a strong daily connection with the Qur’an, also start an Arabic class for the same reasons and a Fiqh class along with anything else you enjoy, the bonus will be that these classes take place in the evenings after you finish Uni lectures, ensuring you stay busy all day
Visit friends, the best thing to do is to try and meet new people in the prayer rooms who are also living away from home, that way you can visit each others flat without needed to worry if their mother is listening into your conversations
Stay away from trouble, in every area there are places where people hang out, if a certain area is known for men and women relaxing with little to nothing on in the sun then avoid it during the day
Stay home at night, the more evil you see the blacker your heart will get, making you feel less distressed and resentful of what is going on around you.
Start a project, last year I saw the start of a homeless project at MMU, I’m sure other cities also have homeless people, it will get you out of your flat and gaining a huge amount of reward inshallah
Remember that each of us makes our own path, now two people share the same life experience, remember to be vigil but un-afraid to try something new as long as its not impermissible. A short enjoyment in this life really isn’t worth the pain it can give in this life and the torment hereafter
If you can marry then marry, lifes no fun shared alone 🙂 but only if you can handle the responsibility that comes with it.

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