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01 Jan

Passion Is Our Achilles Heel

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Sometimes we are very passionate about something, to a point that our passion becomes defining for us. We live and breath our passion and desire it so much that we even engross others into it as well.

Today I realised a small portion of what Allah intended when He said to the Prophet (Salallahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam),

فَلَا تَذْهَبْ نَفْسُكَ عَلَيْهِمْ حَسَرَاتٍ

“Let not your life go to waste sorrowing over them” (Surat al-Fatir, 8)

There are times when we have to remember that not everyone shares the same passion to the same degree.

Aisha (Radiallahu ‘Anha) once said, “We were told to deal with people according to their level.”

If we find that people are not taking an interest in learning their religion then as much as that is an issue we as religiously inclined people should try and help in, it is a bigger issue for the individual who needs to realise what their purpose and possible end in the Hereafter could be and rectify it.

At time we as writer and teacher are doing our work for 3 reasons:

Firstly, to gain the pleasure of Allah by spreading knowledge of His religion.

Secondly, to save ourselves from punishment by engaging in an act which may bring continued reward and also to have an answer for the responsibility of carrying religious knowledge.

Thirdly, for our own love of knowledge and passion. Sometimes we teach and write simply because of a deep love of knowledge, knowing full well that no one will ever read what we write or even attend the courses we prepare.

So this is a reminder to myself as I already know no one will read this except myself, that teachers and courses will not last forever. So if something is taking place and you don’t need to be at another class then you should be there. The only thing more important than a dars is another dars. And the only thing more important than a single dars is a continuous dars. And the only thing more important than a new continuous dars is a continuous dars that you are already attending.

Imam Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan al-Shaybani was once sat in a dars and a funeral procession went by, the people asked is that not your sons funeral? He simply replied, ‘Yes’, and continued the class.

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