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28 Feb

Essen 2010

  • DSC_1805
  • DSC_1808
  • DSC_1814
  • DSC_1705
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  • DSC_1703
  • DSC_1055
  • DSC_1115
  • DSC_1118
  • DSC_1155
  • DSC_1170
  • DSC_1239
  • DSC_1270
  • DSC_1320
  • DSC_1327
  • DSC_1328
  • DSC_1331
  • DSC_1343
  • DSC_1370
  • DSC_1385
  • DSC_1389
  • DSC_1397
  • DSC_1609
  • DSC_1621
  • DSC_1685
  • DSC_1698
  • DSC_1701

In 2010 Re_Map1812 visited Essen, Germany, to research Spatial Justice. The gap between Private and Public space has always been of concern and with the introduction of inner city transport infrastructure this division is becoming increasingly blurred with both the private and public sector claiming public space. However during the trip we were able to visit a series of coal mines and abandoned places, not the usual sites you may wish to visit when abroad but hey, we’re architects.

The images above are a mixture of museums by David Chipperfield and the Zollverein coal mine which received a new addition designed by Rem Koolhaas alongside a series of personal photos of our English/German research team.

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