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18 May

Nadwi Foundation – Logo Design

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Nadwi Foundation - Logo

The Nadwi Foundation launched in 2011 with a series of courses by Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi. The foundation seeks to spread knowledge of Islam to the western audience, with a focus upon understanding and detail. I was fortunate to work with the organisation on its logo design; I commissioned Ian Whiteman for the initial concept design after giving him a brief of what the organisation was and what its ambitions were. He then set about producing a series of concepts which captured different aspects of the foundations. I took the array of designs and merged aspects of each into a final design and then completed the logo. This was my second collaboration with another designer on a single design task.

The final logo highlights the importance of solidarity and the spread of the Islamic traditions across the world, hence the 3 minarets, the use of the sea and mountains show how this work is both universal and in harmony with different lands and people. The reference to the moon highlights how the essence of the message has remained unaltered through the passage of time.


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