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19 May

Suspended Souls

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Rethink Rebuild Soceity organised a memorial service following the death of Dr Abbas Khan who had travelled to war torn Syria to serve in the hospitals treating innocent civilians. He was captured by the Assad regime, he was imprissoned for 12 months and killed in his cell just three days before his scheduled release.

The exhibition related the portraits and biographies of 20 detainees who have either died in prison or still await trial. Their stories like their lives were suspended from green cord, hovering above the floor at varying head-heights with space for visitors to move in between and read about their lives.

Below are some comments from visitors:

Sakinah Azam: “MaashaAllah it was poignant and thought-provoking.

Yasmin Rahman Chowdhury: “I saw it today at the event. Brought a tear to my eye.”

Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar: “Its was a moving tribute to all those who are languishing in the evil pits of the Syrian regime.”

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